Autonomous Cars Have Far-Reaching Impacts

  • Ann Steffora Mutschler, 1st Mar 2018

Within the semiconductor ecosystem, autonomous vehicle technology is already having a gigantic impact as far as chip and tool development, education about what this all means, new relationships and partnerships — among other things that hit closer to home such as how autonomous vehicles will impact our professional and personal lives.

NetSpeed's CEO Sundari Mitra, who has been closely observing this space, shares her thoughts in this Semiconductor Engineering article:

Sundari: “Why do people need to own cars when, A) they don’t use it all of the time, B) they keep getting stuck in traffic, and C) when they do manage to make it to the city they spend a lot of time trying to find parking? The statistics were startling. Almost 30% of the time, people are just driving around trying to find parking. When this was going on the thought that occurred to me was, today it is about Uber but tomorrow it is going to be about something else: It’s going to be about cars that don’t even need a driver. This is essentially transportation becoming like a service pretty much like a public transport today.

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