How To Test Autonomous Vehicles

  • Kevin Fogarty & Ed Sperling, 12th Jul 2018

The race is on to develop ways of testing autonomous vehicles to prove they are safe under most road conditions, but this has turned out to be much more difficult than initially thought. 

Anush Mohandass, NetSpeed's VP of Marketing and Business Development, talks about the expectations from testing methods, in this Semiconductor Engineering piece:

Anush: “It boils down to the metric that says vehicle accidents and deaths have to drop by a factor of 10. But if we went from 40,000 casualties to 10,000 in autonomic vehicles, there would be an outcry. I would need to see hard data on road tests to know it works, and in my environment, because conditions in one place vary wildly from conditions in another. But this is where rational and irrationality come in. My rational brain tells me virtual or simulated testing are just as good as the real thing. But would I ever put my kid in a car we had tested only in a virtual space? No.”


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