7/5nm Timing Closure Intensifies

  • Ann Steffora Mutschler, 25th Jan 2018

Timing closure issues are increasing in magnitude at 7/5nm, and ones that were often considered minor in the past no longer can be ignored.

Rajesh Ramanujam, NetSpeed's Product Marketing Manager, contributes to the conversation in this Semiconductor Engineering piece:


Rajesh: “You do functionality, you do verification, you do validation, and so on. Finally, you have to make sure the chip you’re building is able to meet the timing requirements. You want to make sure that all of the wires are running as fast as they have to, that all of the gates are running as fast as they have to, and that you can actually implement a viable product. This takes quite a few months to close these things, and it effects the time to market. As such, physical timing closure has become a very big deal, especially in the lower process technologies. Particularly with 7 and 5nm, the wires are getting relatively slower than the gates. The gates are improving, but the wires are actually pulling us down. Designs have become much more sensitive to the number of wires.”

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