Mesh Networking Grows For ICs

  • Kevin Fogarty, 4th Apr 2018

Mesh networks were invented to create rich interaction among groups of almost-unrelated peers, but now they are showing up in everything from advanced chip packages to IoT networks.

NetSpeed CEO Sundari Mitra weighs in on how this is impacting the IP space, in this Semiconductor Engineering piece:

Sundari: “Rather than going to 7nm and beyond, where you have to deal with yield and cost issues, the goal is not to spin an entire SoC every time you want to go after a new market opportunity. The way to do that is to take core IP blocks like accelerators, and combine them with base die such as I/Os and PHYs, which can remain at bigger geometries. But the connection has to be correct so that you don’t end up with deadlocks, and you need an extensible network that allows you to do that. Whether that is purely mesh isn’t essential. You don’t necessarily have to be rigid on the topology. But you do want to connect this all together at the architectural level because verifying it is difficult.”

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