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NetSpeed launches SoCBuilder—AI-powered design and integration platform to accelerate SoC designs
  • 25th Jun 2018

NetSpeed announced the release of its SoCBuilder, an AI-powered SoC design .....

NetSpeed unveils Orion AI – Delivering extreme performance and ultimate efficiency for next-gen AI SoCs
  • 21st Jun 2018

NetSpeed Systems today announced the release of Orion AI, the industry’s fi.....

NetSpeed CEO and NSITEXE CTO Discuss Design for Automotive Safety and Reliability at DAC 2018
  • 20th Jun 2018

NetSpeed Systems, whose interconnect IP is at the heart of next-gen system-.....

Cambricon Licenses NetSpeed Fabric IP for Its Next-Gen Artificial Intelligence Products
  • 12th Jun 2018

NetSpeed Systems, Inc. today announced that Cambricon Technologies, a leade.....

NetSpeed Furthers Leadership in Industrial, Factory Automation and Safety-critical Flight Systems with IEC 61508 Certification
  • 15th May 2018

NetSpeed Systems, Inc. today announced that its interconnect IP portfolio i.....

NetSpeed and Northwest Logic Partner to Boost Performance in Hyperscale and Automotive SoCs
  • 8th May 2018

NetSpeed Systems, Inc. and Northwest Logic today announced a partnership to.....

NetSpeed and Esperanto Partner to Power SoCs for Artificial Intelligence
  • 7th May 2018

NetSpeed Systems and Esperanto Technologies today announced that Esperanto .....

Sondrel and NetSpeed Team Up to Deliver the Fastest, Lowest-risk Route to SoC Solutions
  • 1st May 2018

NetSpeed Systems and Sondrel, a UK headquartered supplier of complex IC sol.....

MEDIA ALERT: NetSpeed Systems VP Marketing Anush Mohandass to Present at Linley Spring Processor Conference 2018
  • 14th Mar 2018

Anush Mohandass, NetSpeed’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Develo.....

MIPS and NetSpeed Partner to Deliver Solutions for AI and ML SoCs
  • 14th Feb 2018

NetSpeed and MIPS announced a strategic partnership to deliver interoperabl.....

NetSpeed and Synopsys Collaborate to Enable Early Architectural Exploration of Advanced ADAS and Datacenter SoCs
  • 7th Feb 2018

NetSpeed and Synopsys have collaborated to enable generated RTL of NetSpeed.....

NetSpeed Collaborates with Cadence to Optimize IP for Advanced Automotive SoC Designs
  • 7th Feb 2018

The Cadence Interconnect Validator and Interconnect Workbench can enable pe.....

Horizon Robotics Licenses NetSpeed Interconnect IP for AI SoCs
  • 30th Jan 2018

Horizon Robotics has licensed NetSpeed Orion and Gemini Interconnect IP

EE Times Top 60 Startups to Watch
  • 12th Nov 2017

NetSpeed, provider of the most advanced interconnect fabric for SoCs using .....

By Peter Clarke
NetSpeed and UltraSoC partner to accelerate development time for complex SoCs
  • 26th Oct 2017

NetSpeed Systems Inc., the supplier of on-chip network IP that is streamlin.....

NetSpeed’s Turing Brings Machine Learning to SoC Design
  • 5th Oct 2017

A solution for optimizing SoC interconnects that uses supervised learning t.....

DENSO Licenses NetSpeed IP for use in Advanced Automotive Platform SoCs
  • 27th Sep 2017

NetSpeed Systems Inc. announced today that DENSO Corporation, a leading glo.....

Top Women Execs Join NetSpeed Boards
  • 21st Sep 2017

Seasoned semiconductor executives bring extensive industry knowledge to str.....

CEO of NetSpeed Selected as Recipient of 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award
  • 12th Apr 2017

Sundari Mitra Receives University of Illinois Distinction from the College .....

Sunplus Technology Licenses Netspeed Orion IP to Accelerate Design of Automotive SoCs
  • 5th Apr 2017

NetSpeed Systems Inc., the supplier of on-chip network IP that is streamlin.....

MEDIA ALERT: NetSpeed Systems VP Marketing Anush Mohandass to Present at Linley Autonomous Hardware Conference
  • 30th Mar 2017

NetSpeed Systems Inc., announced today that Anush Mohandass, Vice President.....

NetSpeed Gains ISO 26262 Certification, ASIL-D Ready, for Its Interconnect IP
  • 1st Mar 2017

First interconnect IP to achieve the most stringent level of Automotive Fun.....

MIPS I6500 CPU Sub-system with NetSpeed’s Gemini IP Provides Highly Efficient Processing for Vision Applications
  • 5th Jan 2017

Imagination IP licensed by Mobileye for next-generation ADAS and autonomous.....

NetSpeed Raises $10M in Series C Funding Led by Intel Capital to Bring Machine Learning to SoC Design and Architecture
  • 24th Oct 2016

NetSpeed Systems Inc., announced today it has closed a $10 million Series C.....

NetSpeed Releases Gemini 3.0 Cache-Coherent NoC IP to Supercharge Heterogeneous SoC Designs
  • 29th Sep 2016

NetSpeed Systems Inc., announced today the release of its Gemini 3.0 cache-.....

NetSpeed Systems Featured in EE Times’ Silicon 60: Emerging Companies to Watch
  • 26th Sep 2016

NetSpeed Systems Inc., announced today that EE Times, the leading online ma.....

NetSpeed Systems VP Marketing Anush Mohandass to Present at Linley Processor Conference
  • 6th Sep 2016

NetSpeed Systems Inc., announced today that Anush Mohandass, Vice President.....

NetSpeed and Magillem Partner to Enable Seamless IP Integration of Cache Coherent NOC IP
  • 1st Jun 2016

Magillem, the leading provider of front-end design XML solutions and NetSpe.....

NetSpeed Systems expands presence in Taiwan through partnership with Maojet Technology
  • 3rd May 2016

NetSpeed Systems Inc., the supplier of on-chip network IP that is streamlin.....

NetSpeed Systems Extends Global Footprint in Israel Through Sales Rep Agreement with Ipro
  • 19th Apr 2016

NetSpeed has entered into an agreement with IPro to provide local sales and.....

Imagination announces new fabric collaboration with NetSpeed
  • 6th Jan 2016

Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) and NetSpeed Systems Inc., a supplier of o.....

Semiconductor Company of the Year: NetSpeed Systems
  • 28th Nov 2015

SiliconIndia recognizes NetSpeed Systems as the Semiconductor Company of th.....

NetSpeed Provides Support for ARM AMBA Protocol with Gemini 2.0
  • 10th Nov 2015

NetSpeed's Gemini 2.0 coherent network-on-chip IP provides exhaustive suppo.....

NetSpeed Gemini Adds Cache
  • 13th Oct 2015

NetSpeed announced its second-generation Gemini coherent network-on-chip IP.....

By Loyd Case
NetSpeed Introduces the Industry’s First Fully Configurable Cache-Coherent Network-On-Chip
  • 6th Oct 2015

NetSpeed released its Gemini 2.0 product, the industry’s first fully config.....

NetSpeed Systems Chief Architect Joe Rowlands to Present at Linley Processor Conference
  • 15th Sep 2015

Joe Rowlands, Chief Architect at NetSpeed will present at Linley Processor .....

Interview: NetSpeed CEO Rethinks SoC Design
  • 7th Jul 2015

One of the difficulties posed by Moore’s Law is that raising the number of .....

By Linley Gwennap
INVECAS and NetSpeed Systems Collaborate to Create Powerful Reference Platforms
  • 24th Jun 2015

INVECAS has licensed NetSpeed’s on-chip network IP to develop next generati.....

NetSpeed Named Finalist for the 2015 Red Herring Top 100 North America Award
  • 19th May 2015

NetSpeed has been selected as a finalist for Red Herring's Top 100 North Am.....

NetSpeed Systems CEO Will Speak at Imagination Summit Silicon Valley 2015
  • 18th May 2015

NetSpeed CEO Sundari Mitra will speak at the Imagination Summit Silicon Val.....

Altera Licenses NetSpeed’s Gemini – Configurable Cache Coherent Network-on-Chip IP
  • 13th May 2015

With NetSpeed's Gemini, Altera will offer customers a highly configurable, .....

NetSpeed Systems Accelerates Global Adoption of Its On-Chip Network IP with New Office in Tokyo
  • 15th Apr 2015

NetSpeed aims to catalyze its breakthrough on-chip network IP technology an.....

NetSpeed Systems to Unveil Next Generation Cache Coherent Interconnect IP at Linley Tech Mobile Conference 2015
  • 8th Apr 2015

NetSpeed's chief architect, Joe Rowlands will speak at Linley Mobile Confer.....

Linley White Paper Predicts More Automation in SoC Front-End Design Process
  • 25th Mar 2015

NetSpeed announced the availability of a new white paper from The Linley Gr.....

NetSpeed Systems Names Industry Veteran Scott Seaton as VP Worldwide Sales
  • 18th Mar 2015

NetSpeed Systems names Scott Seaton as its VP Worldwide Sales. Most recentl.....

NetSpeed Systems to Bring its Next-Generation Cache Coherency to Enterprise Market with Extended ARM License
  • 3rd Dec 2014

NetSpeed Systems has licensed the ARM® AMBA® 5 CHI (Coherent Hub Interface).....

Opportunity NoCs, NetSpeed Answers
  • 2nd Dec 2014

NetSpeed Systems, a three-year-old network-on-a-chip (NoC) vendor, received.....

By Tom R. Halfhill
NetSpeed Systems Accelerates SoC Innovation with Funding from Top-Tier Investors
  • 4th Nov 2014

NetSpeed's products make designing and developing systems-on-chips (SoCs) s.....

By San Jose, California
NetSpeed Systems Accelerates SoC Innovation with Funding from Top-Tier Investors (1)
  • 4th Nov 2014

NetSpeed's products make designing and developing systems-on-chips (SoCs) s.....

Intel Capital Invests $62 M
  • 4th Nov 2014

Intel Capital, the global investment arm of Intel Corp., has invested $62 m.....

NetSpeed Systems to Present at Linley Processor Conference 2014 (1)
  • 25th Sep 2014

NetSpeed's chief architect, Joe Rowlands will speak at Linley Processor Con.....

NetSpeed Systems Aims to Revolutionize the Design of SoCs with On-Chip Network Solution
  • 29th May 2014

NetSpeed Systems will introduce the company with a series of presentations .....

On-chip interconnect startup uses network theory to sidestep deadlocks
  • 28th May 2014

NetSpeed Systems has developed in addition to a network-on-chip (NoC) archi.....

Sundari Mitra, CEO of NetSpeed Systems, Featured in EE Times
  • 15th May 2014

Sundari Mitra wants to change the way SoCs are designed with her new interc.....

Intel Buys NetSpeed For NoC, Fabric IP

Startup becomes part of Intel’s Silicon Engineering Group; Intel shifts dir.....

  • 10th Sep 2018
  • 16
Data Center Power Poised To Rise

Shift to cloud model has kept power consumption in check, but that benefit .....

By Kevin Fogarty
  • 18th Jul 2018
  • 2
How To Test Autonomous Vehicles

New technologies, methodologies and flows will be required to guarantee sel.....

By Kevin Fogarty & Ed Sperling
  • 12th Jul 2018
  • 17
Adding NoCs To FPGA SoCs

As complexity and device sizes rise, so does the need for an on-chip network.

By Ann Steffora Mutschler
  • 28th Jun 2018
  • -141
FPGAs Becoming More SoC-Like

Lines blur as processors are added into traditional FPGAs, and programmabil.....

By Ann Steffora Mutschler
  • 4th Jun 2018
  • 16
System-Level Power Modeling Takes Root

Why modeling power much earlier has suddenly become so critical for so many.....

By Ann Steffora Mutschler
  • 10th May 2018
  • 16
Partitioning Becomes More Difficult

Exploding gate counts, multiple domains, and hardware/software content are .....

By Ann Steffora Mutschler
  • 30th Apr 2018
More Nodes, New Problems

Acceleration of advanced processes, skyrocketing complexity and cost, and c.....

By Ann Steffora Mutschler
  • 26th Apr 2018
Processing Moves To The Edge

Definitions vary by market and by vendor, but an explosion of data requires.....

By Kevin Fogarty
  • 12th Apr 2018
Mesh Networking Grows For ICs

Approach is yet another way to scale SoCs and systems, but it also adds new.....

By Kevin Fogarty
  • 4th Apr 2018
When AI Goes Awry

So far there are no tools and no clear methodology to eliminating bugs. Tha.....

By Ed Sperling
  • 26th Mar 2018
Applying Machine Learning To Chips

Goal is to improve quality while reducing time to revenue, but it’s not alw.....

By Ann Steffora Mutschler
  • 22nd Mar 2018
The Bumpy Road To 5G

How pervasive will this new wireless technology actually become, and what p.....

By Ed Sperling
  • 21st Mar 2018
Autonomous Cars Have Far-Reaching Impacts

Beyond the obvious technical impacts of autonomous vehicles, the impacts on.....

By Ann Steffora Mutschler
  • 1st Mar 2018
Anatomy Of An Autonomous Vehicle Crash

Accidents happen, but with self-driving cars a crash is only the beginning.

By Ann Steffora Mutschler
  • 1st Mar 2018
Using Data Mining Differently

As the amount of data continues to rise, so does the ability to do somethin.....

By Ann Steffora Mutschler
  • 22nd Feb 2018
Giant Auto Industry Disruption Ahead

Autonomous vehicles will cause fundamental shifts across a number of establ.....

By Ed Sperling
  • 29th Jan 2018
7/5nm Timing Closure Intensifies

The issues may be familiar, but they’re more difficult to solve and can aff.....

By Ann Steffora Mutschler
  • 25th Jan 2018
Verification Of Functional Safety

How do you trade off cost and safety within an automobile? Plus, a look at .....

By Brian Bailey
  • 25th Jan 2018
Leveraging AI to help build AI SOCs

One of the most complex and non-deterministic problems in SOC design is int.....

By Tom Simon
  • 25th Jun 2018
Artificial Intelligence calls for Smart Interconnect

Artificial Intelligence based systems are driving a metamorphosis in comput.....

By Tom Simon
  • 18th Apr 2018
Looking For The Elephant In The Valley

Female role models doing exceptional things in tech have always existed. Ho.....

By Kavya Ram Mohan
  • 28th Mar 2018
Functional Safety: A Way Of Life

Functional safety starts with cultivating the right culture within a company.

By Rajesh Ramanujam
  • 22nd Feb 2018
AI-Leader Horizon Robotics Selects NetSpeed AI-based NoC IP For Next Generation Designs

If you haven’t noticed, there has been a BIG influx of money into Artificia.....

By Mitch Heins
  • 5th Feb 2018
Boldly Go Where No NoC Has Gone Before

Is achieving functional safety goals without compromising PPA possible?

By Rajesh Ramanujam
  • 25th May 2017
  • 3

NetSpeed's Gemini and Orion NoC IPs have been certified ISO 26262 ASIL D

By Mitch Heins
  • 7th Mar 2017
  • 2

Joe has devoted his career to understanding and designing cache coherent sy.....

By Daniel Nenni
  • 2nd Jan 2017
  • 3

This is part II of an article covering NetSpeed’s network-on-chip (NoC) off.....

By Mitch Heins
  • 29th Dec 2016
  • 2

A couple of weeks back I wrote an article about the use of machine learning.....

By Mitch Heins
  • 24th Dec 2016
  • 2

What is machine learning and how it can help.

By Anush Mohandass
  • 3rd Oct 2016
  • 2

Last level cache to the rescue.

By Rajesh Ramanujam
  • 25th Aug 2016
  • 2
By Don Dingee
  • 29th Jul 2016
  • 2

Why HG Wells’ observations apply to dynamic workloads in SoC applications.

By Rajesh Ramanujam
  • 28th Jul 2016
  • 2

What you need to worry about with interconnects.

By Rajesh Ramanujam
  • 30th Jun 2016
  • 3

It’s time for engineering schools to revamp their curricula to address real.....

By Sundari Mitra
  • 24th Mar 2016
  • 2

Why we need a synthesis tool set for SoC interconnects.

By John Bainbridge
  • 25th Feb 2016
  • 2
By Eric Esteve
  • 21st Feb 2016
  • 3
By Eric Esteve
  • 2nd Feb 2016
  • 2

We know since decades that state machines can lock and put a chip in troubl.....

By Eric Esteve
  • 19th Jan 2016
  • 5

You probably have seen many times this graphic showing that the number of I.....

By Eric Esteve
  • 4th Nov 2015
  • 10

NetSpeed has developed NocStudio, a front end optimization design tool help.....

By Eric Esteve
  • 15th Sep 2015
  • 16

Launching high technology product on the semiconductor market after your co.....

By Eric Esteve
  • 3rd Aug 2015
  • 7
NetSpeed NoC IP or Architectural Synthesis Company?

When you look at NetSpeed’s NocStudio design tool, you first think “I see, .....

By Eric Esteve
  • 20th Jul 2015
  • 7
Date Event Location
12 - 13 Mar 2018 AutoAI San Francisco, United States
15 Mar 2018 International Forum on Artificial Intelligence and Semiconductor Technology Shanghai, China
11 - 12 Apr 2018 Linley Spring Processor Conference Santa Clara, United States
12 - 14 Jun 2018 Guidance of ISO 26262 to Semiconductors Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
24 - 28 Jun 2018 Design Automation Conference (DAC) San Francisco, United States
29 Jul - 03 Aug 2018 MPSoC'18 Snowbird, UT, USA
12 Sep 2018 Design Solution Forum 2018 Yokohama, Japan
05 - 07 Nov 2018 SC-AFSP – ISO 26262 Applied To Semiconductor Development NetSpeed HQ, San Jose
NetSpeed at DAC 2018

NetSpeed CEO Sundari Mitra speaks to Gabriele Saucier, CEO of Design & Reus.....

  • 27th Jun 2018
  • 1
Tech Talk: Automotive Design

NetSpeed Systems CEO Sundari Mitra talks about how to speed up the design o.....

  • 22nd Mar 2018

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