Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does NetSpeed Systems do?

NetSpeed Systems provides IP, tools and technologies that help architects and designer build ASIC and System-on-chips (SoCs) easier.

2. Who is NetSpeed Systems?

NetSpeed is made up of Silicon Valley chip industry veterans from companies like Intel, Qualcomm, AMD and Sun Microsystems with about 25 years experience each. Learn more about our team here.

3. When was NetSpeed Systems founded?

NetSpeed Systems was founded in 2011.

4. Where is NetSpeed Systems located?

NetSpeed Systems has offices in multiple locations. Our headquarters is located in San Jose, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley. Please see our other office locations here. 

5. What makes your technology unique?

NetSpeed Systems has pioneered many firsts in the network-on-chip and coherency markets, which has led to the company filing more than 70 patents around our technology. Some of the firsts include:

  • Top down interconnect synthesis, which synthesizes and optimizes the IPs for PPA based on system level requirements
  • Physically aware network-on-chip and coherency IP
  • Algorithms that produce a correct by construction deadlock free network-on-chip IP
  • IP optimized for traffic workloads between the IPs
  • Automatic buffer insertion & FIFO sizing
6. What gives NetSpeed Systems its advantage?

NetSpeed’s advantage comes from its NocStudio architectural synthesis engine, which is also used to configure NetSpeed’s IP. To learn more about NocStudio, please download our whitepapers here. 

7. How can you help me reduce my costs?

NetSpeed Systems helps companies doing SoC and ASIC design reduce costs by:

  • Reducing time to market by up to 10x over current methods of creating interconnect and cache coherency
  • Creating optimized IPs that are up to 30% smaller in area and lower in power than alternative solutions
8. How is NetSpeed Systems unique from other interconnect vendors / solutions?

Simply put, we are the easiest and most cost-effective way to assemble an SoC and have the best tools to extract the lowest power and area for a given requirement. At a high level, we offer 10X faster design time, 20% better performance and up to 30% better area. The specifics depends on what type of chip you are building. Please contact us at to learn more.

9. Who are your customers?

NetSpeed’s customers include leaders in the automotive, AI, enterprise server, networking, FPGA and mobile chip markets. Please read more about customer case studies and success stories here.

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