The Bumpy Road To 5G

  • Ed Sperling, 21st Mar 2018

5G is coming, but not everywhere, not all at once, and not the fastest version of this technology right away. In fact, the probable scenario is that 5G will be rolled out first in densely populated urban areas, starting in 2020 or 2021, with increasingly widespread adoption over the next decade after that.

In this Semiconductor Engineering article, Sundari Mitra, CEO of NetSpeed Systems discusses the challenges of chip design optimization for 5G:

Sundari: “People are wondering whether they will need bigger control systems. This requires a fundamental change in the architecture. There is more dynamic compute required, and that means a new level of sophistication in these designs. You can’t take the traditional fabric and mold it into 5G because it will require heterogeneous computing. It’s not just a single processor that needs access to memory.”

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