Anatomy Of An Autonomous Vehicle Crash

  • Ann Steffora Mutschler, 1st Mar 2018

The rollout of autonomous vehicles will have far-reaching impacts on technology, business and social interactions, but it also will set in motion a whole new side of technology development and new legal frameworks to prove what went wrong when these vehicles are involved in an accident.

In this Semiconductor Engineering article, Sundari Mitra, CEO of NetSpeed, weighs in on the role that traceability will play in crash investigations:

Sundari: “Traceability is going to be huge with the amount of data that we can actually collect, store and process. And, it need not all be on a vehicle. There is a certain amount of data that must be computed on the vehicle to make the rapid decisions in the case of a potential accident and the ability to make evasive measures. Of course that needs to happen right then and there, but the data the car has been collecting even seconds and minutes before may not necessarily sit on the vehicle. The traceability piece is going to be a huge advantage of the autonomous vehicles because there is so much information gathering ability in the newer vehicles, which was completely missing in the past. Otherwise, we are relying on the memories of drivers who were emotionally charged at the time of an accident, which is absolutely the wrong time to be confident about remembering anything.”

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