Adding NoCs To FPGA SoCs

  • Ann Steffora Mutschler, 28th Jun 2018

FPGA SoCs straddle the line between flexibility and performance by combining elements of both FPGAs and ASICs. But as they find a home in more safety- and mission-critical markets, they also are facing some of the same issues as standard SoCs, including the ability to move larger and larger amounts of data quickly throughout an increasingly complex device, and the difficulty in verifying and debugging any problems that might show up along the way.

Anush Mohandass, VP of Marketing at NetSpeed, discusses this trend in this Semiconductor Engineering article:

Anush:  “They (Microsoft) found higher efficiency and lower latency using FPGA acceleration for images, so that’s a place where FPGAs can come into the forefront. Instead of using it as a general-purpose compute, you use it for acceleration.”

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