Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is NocStudio?

NocStudio is a physically-aware auto NoC (Network-on-Chip) synthesis platform. It is capable of specifying, designing, analyzing, and generating NetSpeed NoC IP.

2. How does NocStudio work?

NocStudio accepts user input interactively through a sophisticated interactive GUI or by means of script files that contain the SoC specification. 

NocStudio works in a simple 3 step flow—

  1. Specify: Interconnect requirements are described at the system level
  2. Customize: Based on the interconnect requirement specified, NocStudio customizes the NoC using its proprietary network-synthesis algorithms. Various options are available for the users to control the customization process and to guide NocStudio in building the optimal NoC.  Furthermore, a built-in simulator allows dynamic simulation of traffics to evaluate performance.
  3. Generate: NocStudio generates the interconnect IP to be included in the SoC.
3. What are the benefits of NocStudio?

Some of the benefits of NoCStudio are:

- Physically aware

- Quick TAT

- Algorithm-based optimization

- Built-in performance simulator

- Deadlock-free construction

4. Our designs require very high security settings. Can NocStudio support that?

NetSpeed IP is cognizant of multiple security risks at the SoC level and provides architectural security support at different levels. We are confident that we will meet your requirements. Please contact NetSpeed support for further detail.

5. Does NocStudio support ARM’s TrustZone feature?

Yes. NocStudio supports TrustZone feature. Please contact NetSpeed Support for further details.

6. Does NocStudio support IPXACT?

Yes. NocStudio generates complete IPXACT files for all NetSpeed IP.

7. Designs nowadays are getting complex. Deadlock issues are hard to diagnose and fix. How can NocStudio help in resolving this?

NocStudio uses sophisticated methods for detecting, analyzing, and avoiding deadlocks. The NoC generated is guaranteed to be correct-by-construction with protocol-level and network-level deadlock avoidance. 

8. How fast is NetSpeed’s Interconnect Synthesis Engine – NocStudio ?

NocStudio is blazingly fast; in minutes for all the configurations we have worked on. We believe NocStudio will be a great help to your architects during SoC architecture, planning & design.


1. What's the penalty for bus deadlock avoidance?

There is no penalty for deadlock avoidance. We are deadlock-free by construction. Orion uses graph theory-based approach and formal techniques to ensure that there are no cycles in the entire message dependency chain of the system. NocStudio captures inter-dependencies between various messages and interfaces in the system. Then, it augments it with additional dependency information interpreted from the protocol definition (AXI, ACE, etc.) and infer from the system traffic. Finally the combined dependency specification is used to ensure full deadlock avoidance. We are deadlock free both at protocol level and network level and NocStudio would not generate a NoC if it cannot avoid the deadlock.

While performing deadlock avoidance we generate the system dependency graph as well so that users can crosscheck and make sure that there are no deadlocks. If we detect a protocol deadlock that cannot be solved we notify the user of the deadlock and the primary cause so they can fix it by changing their protocol.

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